Monday, August 25, 2008


Sorry guys, as i still didnt see any demand for the english part, i didnt update it (and im way behind with the german part) but you can see my travelroute on the map (klick Map in the Link-box). I had to add a second map because my first one reached the max points (see link box)
You can also see all the pictures in the Picture link on the right (link-box)

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well, as there was not much demand on the english part i got lazy and didnt translate the last posts because it takes a lot of time. Now i decided to cut down the posts to the pictures and attractions as long as nobody wants to read more.

On Thursday i tried to get my Alien Registration. So i got some advise from the Hotel staff as where to got and went into the wrong building after all. The guy here didnt speak any English, but after alot of trying he send me to the right building. The guy in that building could speak as much english as i can speak japanese, so we got it done somehow and now i have to wait another 14 days till i can pick it up.

After that i went to Ameyoko again and got some food. It was some kind of noodle soup and i thought some meat swimming on top. After i tried it i noticed that it had to be some kind of bread? Shortly after that i stumbeld over the first "Hightech-toilet".

Because i didnt know wich button was for what and because i heard of some Gaijin burning there a** i didnt try it. Now i found a Toilet with English, so im gonna try it the next time.

Picture from the Ueno park towards Ameyayoko

A 8 story building selling electronical stuff (wasnt so big inside tough)

After i was back in my Hotel and fell asleep really early, i woke up a 8om and got towards the railway station for some food. Today was Korean BBQ. There you will get some meat and your own grill (this one was with wood!) and you can grill everyhing. Its was a bit more expensive than i thought but it was really yummi and the waitress was really cute :) So i got some Chicken (5pieces) some pork (8-9 thin sliced pieces), a coke and a bowl of rice for 1500yen wich is still a very fair price. After that i went to bed and got up at 3.30 again....

On Saturday i wanted to go towards Nakano where the Japanese Associaten for Working Holiday Makers is, to register, get some tips and attend the Party in the evening. On Sunday i was gonna meet with Takaki-san whom i met in Australia and wrote alot of email with him and his daughter after that time.

Apart from that i finnaly came to the Trial and Error System, wich means i just try everything as i think it done and when i was wrong i know it for the next time. I also was in a shop today wich sold almost anything (i even found firework in the end) and walked towards the CD Section as suddenly i was standing in front of some "love poisons" and thing youll only get in erotikstores in Germany(not only DVD´s, even "Toys",...) That was a little weird.....

Well, im slowly getting used to be here, dont get lost so much anymore, can still not believe that im really here and have still got some problems with the sleeping rythm.

Greetings from this little crazy world


Sunday, June 29, 2008

The first day

So, again ist 3.30 in the morning and i have been awake since 2 oclock and already skype home. But lets get to yesterday first.

After the game yesterday i finished my Blogpost and was ahanging around a little bit afterwards. Then I went to the reception, talked a bit and gathered some Tips. So the plan for the first day looked as following: Walking to Asakusa from my Hotel (25min), visiting the Senso-ji there (the oldest and most important buddihst temple in Tokyo) and than going on tiwards Uenostation and visiing Ameyoko there (wich was a blackmarket after war and currently sells a lot of “American goods” like special Jeans).
On the way to Asakusa I got lost again when I already was close to my goal, but it wasn’t as bad as the day before. So I came to my first 100yen shop and saw how they clean Windows on high buildings in Japan.

Later i found the place and went to the Tourist Office. There I got some Information about the area around Asakusa and a Trainmap of Tokyo. The nice Lady there than told me that there is also a Shrine there, Asakusa.Shrine and explained the difference between a Shrine and a Temple to me. A Temple is a buddhist Building and a Shrine a Shintoist. Both were standing really close together.

The Gate
Tourists in front of the Gate

5 story Pagoda

Underneath the Gate

The Temple (The smoke is supposed to bring luck and health, so you could see people standing there soaking it up.)

The Gate to the Shrine

In front of the Shrine (I watched a few peopla walking through that think, so i guess it brings luck.)

I think this is for spiritual cleaning, it was i close to the Shrine

After that i took the Subway to Ueno. After arriving there I walked the way to the Market and stopped here and there for a shop. Then I was in a Gaming Hall where there were a little bit more complicated gaming Stations than at home for exampele Half life as game with a little complicated movement controls and a game where you were a Robot and had to fight against the evil robots together with 3 other players. .

Half Life

Movement control

The Capsule for the Robot game

Inside the Capsule

It had rained a little bit the whole day and off course i hat to leave my umbrella in that hall (wich i just noticed later). So I bought a new one because I had no idea anymore where that Hall was. The I went to get some food, Rice with Tuna (raw) and Wasabi. I put a little Wasabi on the Tuna and accidently breah out through my nose while chewing wich made tears shot up in my eyes. Wasabi is kinda Japanese Meeretich (don’t know the english word right now) wich is really spicy but the spice doesn’t stay in your mouth to long, not like Chilli.Later I found the gaming hall again and got my Umbrella back, so now I got 2…

After running around a little more I made my way back to the Hotel by Subway. Because of the high humidity and a little cold temperaturs I was cold insinde, so I decided to use the Japanese Style bath in my Hotel. It is not mixed, man bath between 5 and 8pm and women between 8 and 10 But i was alone inside anyway, so i washed myself and than enjoyed the bath. Afterwards I lied down to a short nap, but as I woke up it was in the middle of the night. So I just took my close off and went back to sleep till 2 oclock.

Well, so time goes by and im still in a big jetlag and a culture shock. There are some things you hear often if you are interested in Japan and start collecting information. The following already showed that they were true

1: Japanese sleep anywhere and than i doesnt matter how rhey look like. On my first train I already saw a women sleeping with here had to the window, faced to the roof with here mouth wide open.

2: Vending Machines. There are 2 insinde my Hotel and in the 100m around my Hotel you could easily find another 5 selling drinks. I also saw some selling Cigarretes and Alkohol.

3: There are many sensless jobs. Japan has a low uneployment rate because they just give them jobs like standing in front of a building site watching that nobody walks in or regulating the traffic in side streets or where there already is a redlight.

Well that’s it for now, well see what I will do today, I want to try to get my Aliend Registration.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

EM live in Tokyo

Good morning

its 5 o´clock now and i´m already awake sitting in front of my Laptop. Off course i try to watch the soccer, wich workes the first 20 minutes, after that the stream got cut. I had my Skype running and so 2 off my friend called me. After a little smalltalk Zeiza put his microphone in front of the TV so i could at least listen to the German TV.
It looks like i will be able to watch the final in the TV.


Go Deutschland go!

Well from that you can guess that my W-lan is more stable now (i noticed the trick with the window after the match). Im not sure what i´ll do today but i wish you a nice night.


Germany did it, Yes Ole, Ole we go to Vienna.

Well thanks to Zeiza again at this point, he made it possible that i could listen to the EM. I wish all the Germans a good party or a good sleep if they don´t party, wich could be a bit difficult as i can hear the noise through the skype from the honking cars outside my friends house.


a little site note: I´m not such a big soccer fan, but i got succed in because i watched the first games in Germany and tonight they have been playing around 15km away from my home, so felt like i should watch it:)


This post is actually from yesterday, enjoy anyway.
Well, now it is really true, im in Tokyo. No more Countdown, no preparetions. I left Basel at 12.15, was in London at 13.30, took my next flight on 16.45 wich left the ground at 17.25. I arrived at 12 oclock (Tokyo time) and was at my Hotel at around 14oclock (thats 7 am in Germany). So i was on my way for around 19 hours after leaving Basel. Therefore im still fit at the moment. the time i spent in London was not so good, because i had a big headache and choose to take some medicin because i still had half of my traveltime left. Later it got better and i came to sleep a little bit on the next flight.

The japanese reads Okaerinasai wich means something like "Welcome Home" as i think.

When i arrived in Tokyo, everything went well, better than expected. After filling in 2 forms, one time smilling at the customs and 2 fingerprints i was in Japan. I changed some money (150€ gave 24500yen around 250US$) and bought a ticket to Ueon (1000yen). After 80 minutes on the train i changed to the Subway and paid another 160 yen. After a short Orientation i made my way to the Hotel by foot. One time as i just tried to put a look on my map a nice Japanese on his bike stopped and asked where i wanted to go. To Hotel Koyo? he asked. Right! And so everything went well. Now im sitting in my tiny room and enjoy the fresh air comming inside through my window (its around 23C, but th humitidity is a bit high) and write you over the open W-lan i found (wich just workes when my window is open as i noticed now).

My Room

Nr. 220
View inside the room (already in Chaos)

View from Window 1

View from Window 2

Well, i didnt fully arrive till now, that will maybe take another week or 2. Now im the Hotel (i like it till now) and will go for a walk later. Tomorrow i see if i can watch the semifinal.

Greetings from Tokyo


Short Update (wich got a little longer):

Since i posted i have basicly been on my feet, more or less planed. I asked if i could watch soccer somewhere. He said yes, but i would have to travel through half the city. Than i thought about an online Live-stream, but my "Room-lan" was not so good (i just noticed the connection with the window this morning) so i decided to try to find a 24 hours internetcafe. The end of the story was that i went to the wrong trainstation because i didn´t listen carefully and went to the right one (with the shopping center) afterwards (all by foot). For the first time i got the feeling that i have to be crazy to be here and do that Working holiday. I couldn´t read anything and just understand some words.... I even didn´t know what i was buying : D Well i bought some some Riceballs and a Sandwich and went back to my Hotel... that was at least what i thought. After running around for at least 1 hour (i couldn´t even retrace my own steps anymore) i came back to the trainstation. This time really trying to remember where i came from earlier and to just following my feelings i made it back to the Hotel. Well i am really tired, wich surely didn´t help. I hope i will be better tomorrow, i will got shopping again with more time and fit and i will have a look in my Lonely Planet. I will only wathc soccer if it is possible from my room.


Monday, June 23, 2008

24 hours

Well, now there are only 24h left. I´m busy with packing now, waved most of my goodbyes and already did my online-checkin and choose my seat. I will fly from Basel (12.15) to London Heathrow (13.00) in an Airbus A319 jet and than from London (15.45) to Tokyo (11.10 Tokyo time on the 25th) with a Boeing 747 jet. The flight time to London will be 1h45min and to Tokyo 11h 25min, wich means i will be travelling around 15h (without the checkin in Basel). In Tokyo i will take another 2 hours or so to get to my Hotel by train.
I also got a mail about my homestay today. Its a couple (both 30) without kids (but 3 dogs). It looks like i will be able to use my Laptop there and there is also another Student staying there (from Taiwan). From the Homestay to the school the estiminated travel-time is 60 min (its a good way outside) I markes the points on the Map.
Off course now im nervous and still cant belive it that it will start tomorrow..... At the moment everything is spread out in the living room, i think i will start packing now.
Well,.... till later